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Stony-Iron Meteorites


Quijingue - Click to enlarge
2.3 grams


This meteorite was found by a farmer digging holes to plant trees in the state of Bahia, Brazil in 1984. The single stone weighed 59 kilos. It was given to a friend who had the object identified. It was finally classified as a Pallasite which is a Stony-Iron.



NWA 1827 - Click to enlarge
11.7 grams


NWA 1827
Purchased in June 2003 by a Moroccan meteorite dealer in Rissani, Morocco. The total estimated weight is over 22 kg, so they may be other pairing with this meteorite. It is a Stony-Iron class Mesosiderite type 'C'.


Green cube measures 1 centimeter


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