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Stone Meteorites


Gold Basin - click to enlarge
12.1 grams


Gold Basin
Found on November 24, 1995 in northern Arizona by University of Arizona Professor Jim Kriegh while prospecting for gold. Gold Basin is classified as an Ordinary chondrite type L4. Total Known Weight is > 61 kg. A very old meteorite fall which shows tremendous amounts of weathering.


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Bensour specimens


Fell 2/10/2002 approximately 4:00 pm local time on the eastern border of Morocco and Algeria. Generally most Bensour meteorites show's the great black fusion crest with a bright gray inner matrix. The total known weight is approximately 45 kilos. Bensour is classified as an Ordinary Chondrite type LL6.


Gao-Guenie - click to enlarge
10.6 grams


Fell on March 5, 1960 at 5:00 pm local time in the Upper Volta area of Africa now called Burkina Faso. This fall produced a very large strewn field. The reports of two falls a month apart in the same region which was later dismissed has led to an indeterminate total known weight (TKW). When the specimens of the two falls where compare they where an exact match. It has been suggested that the TKW could be as high as 200 kilos. GAO is classified as an Ordinary Chondrite type H5.

NWA 1794 - Click to enlarge
13.2 grams


NWA 1794
Purchased in Rhabt Safsaf, Morocco in October 2002. This specimen was one stone weighing 398 grams, and classified as an Ordinary Chondrite type LL5 .


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Oum Dreyga specimens


Oum Dreyga
Fell on October 16, 2003 at 2:00 am near the Gour Lafkah Mountains in Morocco. Approximately 17 kilos of stones where recovered by Moroccan solders, and later sold to dealers in northern Morocco.


Tsarev - click to enlarge
6.0 grams


Found in 1968 near the Town of Tsarev in the Volgograd region of Russia. It is thought to be from the witness fall of December 6,1922. The total known weight that was recovered is 1,225 kilos. Making this fall the third largest stone meteorite fall. Classified as an Ordinary Chondrite type L5 with a black matrix that is heavily shocked interior



Tatahouine - click to enlarge
3.4 grams


On June 27, 1931 at 1:30 am in Foum Tatahouine, Tunisia a fireball explode over the Tunisia desert. Hundreds of small green stones littered the desert floor with a total known weight of approximately 15 kilos. The meteorite is thought to have exploded high in the atmosphere do to the lack of a fusion crest. These green meteorites are classified as an Achondrite type Diogenite.



NWA 2964
Purchased in 2005 in Erfoud, Morocco. The total known weight is only 207grams. The classification is an Achondrite type Ureilite


Green cube measures 1 centimeter


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